Odessa Rooftop Apartments
Buy your apartment in a fully renovated historical building in Odessa's best neighbourhood
Historical Atmosphere, Modern Convenience
Own an apartment in a historical building that was completely renovated.
Plumbing, electricity, walls, the roof, interiors - everything was renovated in 2018-20 to comply with modern construction technology and living standards while keeping the property's authentic historical atmosphere alive.
Overhaul of the facade will be carried out by the city in 2022.
apartment #310
sold in 2018
30 sq. mtrs
High Standard Of Living, Low Price Tag
The standard of living in a renovated building in Odessa's vibrant city centre is much higher than in a newly built apartment complex, while the purchase price is nearly the same.
We pick our buyers. We really care about shaping a great community of apartment owners on our two floors since we also live here.
Charming Neighborhood
Our neighbourhood represents the best that Odessa's city center can offer.

Neither noisy, nor overcrowded, our downtown area has all the best architecture, beautiful walking streets and also all the city infrastructure like excellent coffeeshops and restaurants.
cozy neighborhood cafe
History And Neighborhood
A place with a long history and an exciting future
The building was built in 1885 to be a tenement house owned by a noblewoman named Rogozinskaya. In the twentieth century, the house was a place for meetings of the famous literary circle "Collective of Poets", among the participants were V. Kataev, Yu. Olesha, I. Ilf. The singer Valery Obodzinsky was born and lived in this house. The neighbourhood of the house used to be a German settlement before the Russian revolution.

One of the neighbouring houses is a conservatory. Across the nearest intersection is the Lutheran church called "Kircha". The area around Kircha consists almost entirely of historical buildings. Additionally, many visitors enjoy the proximity of the New Market, probably one of the best markets in all of Ukraine.
Everything You Need, Just Around The Corner
The surrounding area has everything you want
800 meters to Odessa's City Garden and Historic City Centre
All strategically important places of the city centre are close by. Historical streets, museums, theatres, the Odessa opera house, modern cafés etc.
All Your Shopping In less than 10 min Walking Distance
The New Market ("Novyi Bazar") is one of Ukraines most famous and best markets, and offers everything from delicious food, groceries, and other things you may need for affordable prices.
Fitness and Leisure Close By
Odessa's famous beaches and the "trasa zdorovje", which give you ample opportunities to stay fit and tanned among like-minded Odessites, are easily accessible by bike or public transport.
Move In Now, Or Fix Up Yourself
Choose between apartments that are completely finished and fully equipped and unfinished apartments waiting for your personal touch.

Finished, 3rd Floor: Pick your property on the third floor where we offer 4 types of completely finished and fully equipped apartments. Choose between smart apartments of 22 square meters and larger apartments up to 80 square meters. The price is $1500 per square meter including tax.

Fix-Up (2022), Attic Floor: Or pick between different types of attic apartments which are designed with two-levels for additional living space and creative feel. Attic apartments are unfinished and ready for your own design and equipment which we can also provide on your request at a very low price. Attic apartments (10 units) range from 34 to 100 square meters. Price is $1000 per square meter including tax.
We have a pearl coming in 2022: our communal rooftop patio
The property includes a communal rooftop patio with private access to residents and friends of residents only. The open rooftop patio is an open space offering views of the city for your relaxation and inspiration, as well as a bar for socialising with other residents. The place to start your day with a breakfast and the place to have a glass of wine in the evening.
Our patio is to be finished by May 2022.
View from the Rooftop Terrace towards the German Lutheran Church called "Kircha"
We Like It Beautiful
Photos of our finished and fully equipped apartments
Apartment Types: finished apartments
We have four types of completely finished apartments available on the third floor
We have also unfinished apartments on the attic floor
Unfinished Attic apartments
We have two types of unfinished apartments available on the attic floor
We have also fully furnished apartments on the 3rd floor, ready to move in now
Read Our Floor Plans
Download the floor plans of the property for more detailed information
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Property Management
We manage your property and yield profits for you
This project focuses on restoring a historic house into a modern residential building. While some apartments are for sale, not more than 5 out of 23 apartments will be sold. The rest will remain in the ownership of the developers to form the 4-star apart-hotel named "Rooftop 2021".

We, the developers, will take care of providing a comfortable living experience for all residents of the house. We only sell apartments to people with good backgrounds in order to form a positive neighbourhood community.

We also offer our flat buyers to make profit of their apartments when they are vacant. This can be a source of income for people who don't plan to live in Odessa all year round. For example, if you stay in your apartment for only 1-2 months per year, we can rent the apartment as part of our hotel, with a warranty of rental income of 4% of the apartment's purchase price.
Rooms for rent
See the rooms we are currently offering for rent. Your apartment could be part of this and earn you an income while you don't stay there
Project Progress
Renovation work started in 2018 and the first apartment was sold in early 2019.

The whole third floor, which makes half of the project, was completed and launched in August 2020.
The attic floor with the Rooftop patio is going to be completed in early 2021.

Legal Aspects
We help you along all steps of purchasing your property in Odessa
Our house is formally a typical residential building with apartments. At the moment all apartments are owned by one individual. The contract between seller and buyer will be a typical flat purchase contract.

To buy an apartment in Ukraine as a foreigner, you only need to obtain a Ukrainian tax code. This step is surprisingly straightforward and can be completed within less than a week.

The purchase contract is then notarised and immediately appears under your name in the national property database. There are no legal risks associated with our project and we are very open to work with your hired lawyer and undergo any kind of due diligence.
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